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Miami Red Tide Warning: Updates for algae impacting Florida Beaches

Updated October 05, 2018 07:57 PM

Ahead of the holiday weekend, beaches in South Florida so far appear to be mostly spared the worst of a toxic red tide. All Florida Atlantic beaches have reopend.


October 4, 2018

This morning parts of the north Miami-Dade County beaches were closed due to the Red Tide algae issue persisting on the Florida coast.

“South Beach Party Boats will remain open as we continue to closely monitor the Red Tide Warning issued by Miami-Dade County. “
Beach areas north of the Haulover Inlet are closed, this includes Bal Harbor, North of Haulover, Haulover Sandbar and into Broward County.
The October 4, 2018 Newsweek article states, “At Miami Beach, there was no significant level of algae present so the waters were not off limits Thursday. The beach was open to the public, but anyone with respiratory problems was advised to stay away from the beach and out of the water Thursday.”
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