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Sailing into the Sunset –Key Biscayne Champagne Cruise

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A Downtown Miami sunset is an extraordinary and scenic sight to gaze upon, especially when viewing from a luxurious sailing catamaran overlooking the heart of Miami. Who needs a movie when there is all this beauty around?

There are a multitude of yachts and other boats that flood the Bayside Marketplace’s dock, but the Caribbean Spirit stood out with its pristine red and white exterior. The catamaran is a large and very comfortable yacht with grand, high sails were hard to miss that birds found a peaceful resting spot.

Following the safety precautions from the captains, we sailed away from the Marina and walked onto the beautiful white deck. We were greeted by smiling bystanders on other boats, to whom we waved excitedly back to.

Cruising through Downtown Miami

As we passed the prestigious Miami hotel, the Intercontinental, the sun began to show itself. It peeked from behind the clouds, while a rainbow formed toward the outer edges. Guests onboard surrounded the left of the deck to get alluring photographs. The calming island reggae music set the tone while the relaxing winds swept across our faces. Joyfully, we gazed at the serenity and immersed ourselves in the peace that surrounded us.

Sunset Sailing off the Eastern Coast of Florida

The sun was slowly revealed as it moved across the horizon. A pop sound signaled champagne bottles being opened by the boat crew as complimentary glasses of the bubbly were passed. We were now watching the sunset in true Miami style. The Cruise continued towards the direction of the sun.

The charter passed by an open ocean where we could see the sun tucking beneath the horizon, gleaming its radiant reflection upon the waters.

We returned to the Marina, presented by a well-lit festive marketplace of vibrant restaurants and live music. It was the perfect Saturday night to grab a bite to eat and enjoy the live music at Bayside.


  • Check in 15 Minutes Prior to Trip Departure
  • 2 Hour Sail Enjoying Sights and Sunset
  • Complimentary Soda, Snacks, and Glass of Champagne
  • Return to Dock
  • (Schedule may vary, please refer to your booking confirmation)

Book Your Key Biscayne Sunset Sail 

Enjoy Miami as you’ve never seen it before! Listen to some music and sip champagne as you relax in the nets or watch from the cabin. We offer $3 Beer and Wine as well as with complementary soft drinks and appetizers during the Trip. As the sunsets, the skyline turns on and we enjoy the beauty of the bay. The entire trip, you are able to move freely around the boat, walk around the decks and find the perfect picture backdrop. Sail into the night, relax to the motion of the ocean, and watch the as lights illuminate the night. 


About the Writer

JoAnne has called South Florida home for the past 20 years. She’s currently pursuing a degree in Journalism and creative writing. In her off time, she loves boat riding, photography and loves helping others.

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