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Office and holiday Parties

This year we will be hosting a massive island party for our guests on an artificial island dj and water toys to play with. Pick your boat, yacht, or vessel and we will meet at our secret island for an awesome party along with great pictures.  Choose from Private rentals to jet skies for the day but the best way is on a party boat with food and drinks. At Night we have a party bus and bar crawl tour for a food and drink spectacular!

Best Miami holiday and office party.

From $149

At South Beach Party Boats we offer private charters for up to 10 guests on a variety of Boats and Yachts. The most affordable is our sport boats great for 6 to 8 people bare boat charters.

The Best holiday and office Party in Miami

Experience a party unlike any other as we set sail around South Beach for a day of partying!

An onboard DJ gets the party started with the right music while you and your friends enjoy the very best that South Beach has to offer. , water, toys, food, and drinks are included on our party boats.

Call up everyone you know and book a party boat today!

Still not sure what you want? Check out all of our options!