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Things to do Memorial Day Miami Air and Sea Show

Air and Sea Show Miami

Make the most of Miami's Memorial Day Weekend with South Beach Party Boats for an unforgettable experience at the Air and Sea Show 2024. Elevate your viewing with our variety of Yacht Charters and Boat Rentals. Cruise in style on an all-ages Sailing Catamaran equipped with water toys or indulge in an adult-only Island Extravaganza & BBQ. Explore the flexibility of Private Boat Rentals and discover the allure of Affordable Yacht Charters in Miami. For a thrilling day on the water, consider renting a jet ski. As the sun sets, join our nightly adventures on a 50-foot party bus for a Memorial Day Weekend Bar Crawl, including free admission to nightclubs. Secure your spot in advance to ensure the best boats at the best prices. Start your day with a morning Sailing Yacht excursion and an all-ages BBQ afternoon on our private island. Join us for the Air and Sea Show events, featuring overhead planes during our exclusive Private Island BBQ. Opt for Yacht Charters to the coast for prime show views or explore Miami City and its vibrant bars with our custom 40 ft Party Shuttle. Don't miss the opportunity to rent a yacht for the Air and Sea Show 2024. Book now for an extraordinary weekend filled with excitement and clarity!

Memorial Day Weekend Activity Line Up