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Party Boats in Miami

Miami Party Boats For Adults

Island Party Boat

3 hours of Burgers, Dogs, Veggie Patties, Beer, Wine, Sodas, Snacks, Trampolines, Floating Mats, Paddle boards on a private island. Enjoy a 3-hour BBQ with water toys and up to 35-Passengers on a 40-foot power catamaran. We include stand up paddle boarding, floating water mats, a water trampoline and more for your recreation. In the aft is a small kitchenette, bar and restroom. During the trip we cruise to the Island then anchor for a few hours of play your favorite music from our two DJ Speakers on the rafters.

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a group of people on a boat
a small boat in a body of water

Sailing Yacht Party

3 hours of Chicken, Cheese, Meat, Veggie Platters, Beer, Wine, Sodas, Snacks, Kayaks, Floating Mats, Paddle boards on a place in the bay. Sailing Yacht Party on a 50-foot catamaran with food, drinks tanning nets with up to 49 people and professional DJ Speakers on board. During the trip you can go Kayaking or Paddle Boarding before drinking, try a cliff jump off the side into Biscayne Bay aquatic preserve. Swim with our floating water toys, and relax, music, friends, pictures, fun, food and more plan now!

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Ultimate Water Sports

Our Ultimate Water Sports 18+ is a More relaxing day with all the toys $3 & $4 Beer/Wine all the toy for an awesome day of Sights in Biscayne bay including Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, a Floating Water Mat and a Trampoline on a private island or beach in shallow waters of the bay. Lay back out on the floating water mat, jump on a WATER TRAMPOLINE, Kayaking or Paddle board, all from the Power catamaran for the afternoon parked on a Private island or sandbar. We only take the first 20 people on a 30-passenger catamaran and have plenty of equipment so you can experience all the water sports. A great thing to do in Miami for older families (18+), fitness freaks, couples and more who just want a quick day away.

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a group of people on a boat

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