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Miami Spring Break Party 2024 Party Boats Island Party

Spring Break 2024 Miami Island Party Boat with BBQ and Water Toys

Island Extravaganza W/ Water Toys! Bring your bottles; We got the Mixers!

 1 Swimming Island Experience 3hr Boat Party Water trampolines, floating mats, and more. Join an all-inclusive Miami Boat Party with access to secluded islands in Biscayne Bay.

2. Power catamaran to secluded Island throws out water toys, surrounded by other boats, jet skies, and yachts. Walk in the water for a swim, talk to the locals on their boat on the island, and enjoy a private island. This is South Beach Party Boat’s most popular excursion. We’ve been doing this for years, making you feel world-famous.

3. Trampolines, Floating Mats, Paddle Boards, swim through boat yachts and jet skies while enjoying water toys and music. Bring your favorite food or refreshments. We have the ice mixers and waters, and enjoy one of the best things to do in Miami during the day


Call- 786-529-7787. Enjoy a party boat to a tropical island for a BBQ with Food, Drinks, & Music. Join us for some dope spring break events during March and April 2024. Enjoy a party boat around the celebrity homes, then stop on an island for some water play. We include sodas & snacks so you can bring your own food and drinks.. Jump off the boat, Play with water toys, and enjoy music from our big ass speakers on the boat and turn up. We have a trampoline, floating mat, paddleboards, and other toys for fun. Your trip includes almost everything, so let’s have fun!


Private Charter in Miami for 20 people up to 35 passengers. Boat Rental by South Beach.
A 40’ power catamaran with a licensed captain, two ladders off the sides, a bar, and a kitchen area. The boat is fully covered except for the front sun deck. The cabin has seating for 35 passengers, a sound system, coolers, and a freshwater system. In the hull is a full-size restroom and luggage storage. 786-529-7787 Call or text


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welcome aboard the South Beach Party Boat, where we are about to embark on an unforgettable aquatic adventure! Get ready to set sail, soak up the sun, and create lasting memories. Here’s your itinerary for the day:

  1. Deposit & Ticket Confirmation: To secure your group’s spot on the same boat, we require per-person deposits in one group when reserving. The final payment is due 72 hours before your adventure, and we’ll text you to confirm the headcount. Get ready for an exciting experience!”
  2. Arrival Time: If you’re arriving by Uber, please aim to be 15 minutes early to ensure a smooth transition from your ride. For those of you who plan to park, make it 30 minutes early to find the perfect spot.
  3. Meet at the Gate: Arrive at the designated meeting point, and don’t forget to bring your excitement and beach vibes! Our friendly crew will be there to greet you and help you get settled.
  4. Bayside Mansion Tour 20-30 minutes: As soon as we’re all aboard, we’ll set sail for a thrilling 30-minute tour, showcasing the beautiful waters and scenic views that South Beach has to offer. Get your cameras ready!
  5. Tropical Island Stop (2 Hours): We’ll drop anchor at a picture-perfect tropical island paradise, where you’ll have a full 2 hours to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. Feel free to swim, sunbathe, or explore the island’s natural beauty.
  6. Water Toy Extravaganza: Water Trampoline, Floating Mats, Paddle Boards. We’ll put out an array of water toys, including trampoline floats and paddle boards, to add an extra splash of fun to your island experience. Jump, dive, and paddle your way to adventure!
  7. 30-Minute Return Tour: As our time on the island comes to an end, we’ll embark on a scenic 30-minute return tour back to the South Beach area. Take in the mesmerizing views one last time and dance to the rhythm of the waves.

Our professional crew will be on hand throughout the journey to ensure your safety and comfort. Feel free to ask them any questions or request your favorite tunes to keep the party going. 

a group of people on an island party boat in biscayne bay miami

Still not sure what you want? Check out all of our options!