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Planning a Miami Wedding Party — A Party Planner’s Guide to Miami, Part 3

Your guests are in Miami for the wedding. You’re the organizer of the event and in need of something to bring your party together in a new, fun way. Well, we’ve got you covered! South Beach Party Boats offers additional services that will both improve your existing itinerary and accommodate your event. Read along to find out more about the services that will take your party to the next level!

Organizing Your Group with the existing Itinerary 

Flights land and everyone wants to know what’s next! For wedding parties, things can get pretty hectic. This is why South Beach Party Boats provides unlimited water sports and special services for all ages and large groups from the Family-Friendly Snorkel & Splash, Sailing Yacht Party, and Island Boat Party w/ BBQ. Each trip provides awesome activities for water lovers to enjoy


To take your wedding party to the next level by allowing South Beach Party Boats to arrange a charter that will best suit your needs. With photography services and special DJ entertainment, South Beach Party Boats takes the stress off of being in charge of every single detail – a party planner’s dream. This allows you to experience Miami Beach in a dynamic way. Although you’ll have to consider whether you want to include these add-on services like photography or DJ entertainment, the itinerary for each trip is customizable include water sports, music, complimentary drinks and snacks to keep the guests having a wavy time.

Photographer for South Beach Boat Party

Have a special event or moment you want to capture? Wedding proposal, memories as party souvenirs? Photographers are available upon request to document your event. You can request a photographer by calling (786) 529 – 7787 to discuss party details and arrangements.

DJ Speakers on the boat or custom Bluetooth (DJ by request, fees vary). 

Auxiliary cords and Bluetooth operated speakers are available on each charter. This means you can play your favorite songs or music from your favorite playlist. You can also spice up your party by requesting a DJ. Yes, that’s right! Party up and keep the tunes going by requesting a DJ on your charter. Fees for requesting a DJ varies. Call (786) 529 – 7787 to discuss details on the kind of party you are having.

Organizers have a lot of things to consider when throwing a party, which is why South Beach Party Boats has additional services to consider that will enhance your Miami wedding. When you book the Island Party Boat w/ BBQ, Sailing Yacht Party, or Family-Friendly Snorkel & Splash, you are saying yes to water sports, music, and complimentary sodas and snacks. Or try the Star Island or Key Biscayne Sunset cruise for a pre-celebration, reception dinner, or even a post-wedding celebration that the whole group will enjoy. Whether choosing to take it up a notch with a photographer and DJ, the possibilities are endless.

Book the South Beach Wedding Party

To book an event, visit the activities page, or call 786.529.7787 ask about requesting the services that’ll enhance your party even further.

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