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Island Boat Party with Jet Skies

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The Island Water Sports Experience in Miami By South Beach, Florida!

Experience a Maimi Parety Boat with jet ski and banana boat option for only 85 per driver. Sand Bar and Water Sports Extravaganza in North Maimi, Florida! 🎉

Get ready for the ultimate adventure tailored for people who want all the water sports visiting Miami, where every moment is packed with laid-back vibes and sun-soaked fun!

Call or text for details group discounts for 6 or More 786-5297787

🕒 Arrive 20 min early to soak up the excitement. 🚤 Depart from the vibrant Bayside through the heart of North Miami. 🏝️ Embark on a thrilling 20-minute boat ride to a tropical sand bar nestled in Biscayne Bay. 🌊 Drive into 2 hours of non-stop action and relaxin at a tropical sand bar , featuring Trampoline, paddleboards, floating mats, and more! 🚤 Enjoy another Chilling music up wind in your hair 20-minute boat ride back, filled with memories to last a lifetime.

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The North Miami sand bar jet ski trip offered by South Beach Party Boats is an exciting adventure with various water activities.

Heres a detailed overview of what you can expect:

Jet Skis: Experience the thrill of riding jet skis in the open water. It’s a perfect activity for adrenaline seekers.
Banana Boat: Enjoy a fun and bumpy ride on a banana boat, which is perfect for groups and adds an element of excitement to your day.
Paddle Boarding: For a more relaxing experience, paddle boarding allows you to explore the water at your own pace and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
Trampoline: Jump and splash around on a water trampoline, a unique and fun way to enjoy the water.
Floating Toys: Various floating toys provide additional entertainment and relaxation options, making it a great way to enjoy the water.

Power Catamaran: Your adventure begins on a power catamaran, which ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. This vessel transports you to the island or sandbar, about 30 minutes from the dock.
Mini Water Park: Once you arrive at the destination, a mini water park is set up with all the activities mentioned above. This setup creates a fun and dynamic environment for all participants.

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Party Boat Water Sports and Jet SKi  – Brace yourself for an epic experience! 🌴

Swimwear: Wear comfortable swimwear suitable for water activities.
Sunscreen: Protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen.
Towels and Change of Clothes: Bring towels and a change of clothes for after the activities.
This trip with South Beach Party Boats offers a comprehensive package of fun water activities in a beautiful setting, making it a perfect outing for those looking to enjoy a day out on the water.


Starting from North Miami By Sunny Islles we’ll cruise to the Sandbar for a stop, then head to an island where the fun continues.

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The cost is
$165 for each jet Ski driver
$80 for each additional passenger.

Call or text 786-529-7787 with questions.

Get ready for a thrilling day on the water!

But wait, there’s more! Indulge in refreshing sodas, snacks, beer, and wine, which are available for purchase during the trip. Feel free to bring along your own lunch and snacks (just remember, no glass containers, bottles, or outside alcohol, please!).

Get ready to make a memory and do all the water sports in one place! 🌊🏄‍♂️🚤

We have sodas, snacks,  during the trip, and you are welcome to bring your food and drinks or some of your own snacks.

*Note– although this is a 38-passenger catamaran, we limit the space on this trip to 35 people to allow everyone on board ample time to enjoy each activity. You are welcome to bring any drinks you would like and food too.